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John Bergin is a writer, graphic novel artist, and musician best known for his book From Inside and his music to The Crow. For his graphic novel work, Bergin was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best New Talent in 1991.[1]

Bergin Attended University of the Arts in Philadelphia from 1984-1988.

In 1990, Bergin wrote and illustrated the comic Ashes, published by Caliber Comics. In 1991 Bergin and James O'Barr went to Tundra with The Crow, Bone Saw and From Inside. In 1994 Bergin's band Trust Obey, recorded a soundtrack for The Crow which was released by Graphitti Designs with a deluxe hard cover edition of the graphic novel to coincide with the release of Alex Proyas' movie adaptation. Trust Obey signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records in 1995 and recorded one album titled Hands of Ash (released by Fifth Colvmn Records in 1996, with a sticker on the front quoting Reznor: "Not a great commercial potential.").

Other musical projects by Bergin include C17H19NO3, Tertium Non Data (featuring Pam Bricker), Lance Grabmiller, Paved In Skin, Lolo, and Blackmouth (with Jarboe of Swans and Brett Smith of Caul). Most of these albums were released by Invisible Records, Crowd Control Activities, and Lakeshore Entertainment.

In 1996 Caliber Press published Bergin's comic series Golgothika. 1995-1997 saw a number of Bergin short comics published: Rot From The Stars, Death of a Witch, Coccyx.

Bergin worked as an animator for Hallmark. He also created short films which played at a number of film festivals including The Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Temecula, Seattle, The TED conference, and a special children's film program at The Smithsonian.

Bergin composed and recorded a soundtrack for the Warhammer 40,000 novel Traitor General by Dan Abnett. The album was released by The Black Library.

In 2008 Bergin wrote, directed, and animated the feature-length film From Inside, an adaptation of his graphic novel. It played over a dozen festival through 2008-2010 and won a number of awards including Best Animated Film at SITGES. From Inside was released on DVD April 26, 2012 and is available on


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