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John Bibee (born February 2, 1954) is an American children's writer.[1] He is the author of eight books in the Spirit Flyer Series, as well as eight mystery books in the Home School Detectives Series. His books have been read during children's story hours broadcast on radio stations across the country. Several have also won awards from Christian Home & School magazine. A former grade school teacher, Bibee currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas.


Spirit Flyer series
The Homeschool Detectives
  • The Mystery of the Homeless Treasure
  • The Mystery of the Missing Microchips
  • The Mystery of the Mexican Graveyard
  • The Mystery of the Campus Crook
  • The Mystery of the Vanishing Cave
  • The Mystery of the Broken Bridge
  • The Mystery in the Lost Canyon
  • The Mystery of the Widow's Watch


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