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John Biggins (born 31 October 1949) is a British writer of historical fiction. He is best known for his novel A Sailor of Austria (1991)[1] set in the Austro-Hungarian Navy during World War I, which vividly depicts life on board the primitive and dangerous U-boats of the period.[2]

Biggins' novel The Surgeon's Apprentice was included by The Spectator magazine on its "Books of the Year" list.[3]


The Prohaska series[edit]

  1. A Sailor of Austria (1991)[4][5][6]
    1. Vivat Österreich! (2011) – German translation of A Sailor of Austria (1991)
  2. The Emperor's Coloured Coat (1992)[7][8]
  3. The Two-Headed Eagle (1993)[9][10]
  4. Tomorrow The World (1994)[11]

The van Raveyck series[edit]

The Surgeon's Apprentice (2010)[3]


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