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John Brydges, 1st Baron Chandos (9 March 1492 – 12 April 1557[1]) was an English Member of Parliament and later peer. His name is also sometimes spelt Brugge or Bruges.[2]


Brydges was born at Coberley, Gloucestershire,[1] the son of Sir Giles Brydges[3] (c.1462-1511) of Coberley, by his wife Isabel Baynham. He was a prominent figure at the English court during the reigns of Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI and of Queen Mary.[4] Brydges was High Sheriff of Wiltshire for 1537,[1] and took part in suppressing the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt in 1554.[3] As Lieutenant of the Tower of London during the earlier part of Queen Mary's reign, he had the custody not only of Lady Jane Grey and of Wyatt, but for a short time of the Queen's half-sister the Lady Elizabeth.[3]

He was created Baron Chandos of Sudeley on 8 April 1554[2] (one of his ancestors, Alice, being a granddaughter of Sir Thomas Chandos (d. 1375)).[3]


Church at Sudeley Castle

It was around 1512 when Brydges married Elizabeth Grey, daughter of Edmund Grey, 9th Baron Grey de Wilton (died 1511), and Florence Hastings, eldest daughter of Sir Ralph Hastings.[5] They had eleven children. Their son Edmund succeeded to the Chandos barony on his father's death.[4] Their son Charles married Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Carne.[6] Their daughter Katherine married Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley.[7]


He died at Sudeley Castle 12 April 1557,[2] and was buried with heraldic ceremony on 3 May in Sudeley Church.[8] His will, dated 2 March 1556,[1] was proved 28 May 1557.[2][9] In his will, he styles himself as Sir John Bruges, Knight, Lord Chandos of Sudeley.


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