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John Brynteson (August 13, 1871 in Ärtemark – 1959) was one of the "Three Lucky Swedes" who founded and developed the Nome mining district.[1]

Johan Bryntesson was born in the parish of Ärtemark in the traditional province of Dalsland, Sweden.[2]


A gold-seeking venture which commenced in mid-September 1898 with Erik O. Lindblom and Jafet Lindeberg proved quite successful. In 1898, the three formed the Pioneer Mining and Ditch Company.[3] The company was the largest mining company operating in Nome, Alaska, in the years following the discovery of gold.[4] Brynteson purchased a farm in Santa Clara County, California later known as The Pruneyard.[5][6]

Personal life[edit]

Brynteson married Emma Forsberg on May 2, 1900 in San Francisco. The Bryntesons had three children. Brynteson died in Svaneholm, Säffle kommun, Sweden in 1959.[7]


  • A statue of John Brynteson, together with Erik Lindblom and Jafet Lindeberg stands in Nome, Alaska.
  • Jafet Lindeberg, Erik Lindblom and John Brynteson are all listed in the Alaskan Mining Hall of Fame [8]


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