John C. Hodges Library

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Southeastern view of the ziggurat-like structure.
The Centaur from Volos, on display on the first floor of the library.
Northeast view

The John C. Hodges Library is the main library of the University of Tennessee.

Opened in 1969, the library houses 3 million library volumes, periodicals, and computer resources.[1] Its rare book collection numbers about 60,000 items,[2] the oldest dating from 1481 AD.[3]

In 2010-2011, the library was ranked 48 out of 115 of the top North American research libraries of the United States according to the Chronicle of Higher Education rankings.[4] It ranks 48th among all major academic research libraries in Canada and the U.S. by the Association of Research Libraries.[5]

The library's name acknowledges the contributions of Dr. John Cunyus Hodges (b. March 15, 1892 – d. July 7, 1967), a professor of English and a benefactor of the University of Tennessee libraries. [6] Hodges worked at UT for 41 years (1921 – 1962) and was the author of the Harbrace Handbook, often said to be the most widely used college text in the country. [7]

Its Joel A. Katz Law collection is the largest public law library in the state of Tennessee.

Its special collections department includes notable collections such as the writings of James Agee and Alex Haley, as well as film director Clarence Brown.[8]


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