John C. Zacharis First Book Award

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The John C. Zacharis First Book Award honors the best first book of poetry or fiction by a Ploughshares writer. The award carries a cash prize of $1,500, and feature publication in the "Postscripts" section of the Winter issue. It was started in 1991.[1][2]

Year Winner Book Magazine Issue
2009 Paul Yoon Once The Shore: Stories (Fiction) Winter 2009-10
2008 Susan Hutton On the Vanishing of Large Creatures (Poetry) Winter 2008-09
2007 Ander Monson Other Electricities (Fiction) Winter 2007-08
2006 Thomas Sayers Ellis The Maverick Room (Poetry) Winter 2006-07
2005 Richard McCann Mother of Sorrows (Fiction) Winter 2005-06
2004 Mark Turpin Hammer (Poetry) Winter 2004
2003 Maile Meloy Half in Love (Fiction) Winter 2003
2002 Doreen Gildroy The Little Field of Self (Poetry) Winter 2002
2001 Aleksandar Hemon The Question of Bruno (Fiction) Winter 2001
2000 Dana Levin In the Surgical Theatre (Poetry) Winter 2000
1999 Elizabeth Gilbert Pilgrims (Fiction) Winter 1999
1998 David Gewanter In the Belly (Poetry) Winter 1998
1997 Carolyn Ferrell Don't Erase Me (Fiction) Winter 1997
1996 Kevin Young Most Way Home (Poetry) Winter 1996
1995 Debra Spark Coconuts for the Saint (Fiction) Winter 1995
1994 Tony Hoagland Sweet Ruin (Poetry) Winter 1994
1993 Jessica Treadway Absent Without Leave (Fiction) Winter 1993
1992 Allison Joseph What Keeps Us Here (Poetry) Winter 1992
1991 David Wong Louie Pangs of Love (Fiction) Winter 1991