John Calvin Coolidge, Sr.

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John Calvin Coolidge Sr.

John Calvin Coolidge, Sr. (March 31, 1845 – March 18, 1926) was an American politician and businessman from Vermont and the father of President Calvin Coolidge.

Political and business career[edit]

John Calvin Coolidge, Sr. was born in Windsor County, Vermont, to Calvin and Sarah Coolidge. He was a farmer, teacher, and store owner. He served in the Vermont House of Representatives 1872-1878 and the Vermont State Senate in 1910. Coolidge was appointed to the military staff of the Governor of Vermont and was given the title of colonel.[1] Coolidge also served in local offices including notary public. His father also served in the Vermont General Assembly.[2][3][4]

First Inaugural of President Calvin Coolidge[edit]

On August 3, 1923, as a notary public, Coolidge swore in his son Calvin Coolidge as President of the United States at the Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.[5]