John Case (novelist)

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John Case
Born Jim Hougan and Carolyn Hougan
United States
Occupation Author
Genre Fiction

John Case is the pseudonym of Jim Hougan and Carolyn Hougan, husband and wife, both published authors in their own right.[1]

Jim Hougan is also an investigative journalist and broadcaster. He lives in Afton, Virginia.

The joint writings of Jim and Carolyn have now ended following the death of Carolyn Hougan from cancer on February 25, 2007.


Under the pseudonym, the Hougans authored six novels:

  • The Genesis Code (1997)
  • The First Horseman (1998)
  • The Syndrome (2001; published as Trance State in the UK)
  • The Eighth Day (2002)
  • The Murder Artist (2004)
  • Ghost Dancer (2006; published as The Dance of Death in the UK)


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