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John Caven (12 April 1824 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania – 9 March 1905) was an Indiana politician and Freemason. He was the 9th and 12th mayor of the city of Indianapolis, Indiana as well as an Indiana state senator. [1] [2] [3] Caven was born in Pennsylvania from Scotch-Irish and English American parents.[3] He moved to Indianapolis in 1845, began law studies two years later, and opened a practice. In May 1863, Caven, running as a Republican, was elected mayor without opposition. He won a second term in 1865.[1] Caven then served two terms in the Indiana Senate (1869–1873) before returning to serve another three consecutive terms (1875–1881) as mayor of Indianapolis.[1] He won a third term as a state senator in 1887.[2] Caven was never married.


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