John Charles Lewis Sparkes

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John Charles Lewis Sparkes[1] (c.1833 – 11 December 1907) was an English educationalist and college head.

Born in Brixton, Lambeth UK. He trained at the National Art Training Schools as an art teacher. As an educator, he initiated innovative policies at Lambeth School of Art (later the South London Technical School of Art) where he was Superintendent of Studies.

He was in charge of the Royal College of Art (including National Art Training School) 1875 to 1898, with the title of Headmaster from 1875 to 1881, and Principal from 1881 to 1898. [2] [3]


  • 'A Handbook to the Practice of Painting' (1877)
  • 'The Classical Composition of John Flaxman, Sculptor' (1879)
  • 'Hints on Pottery Painting' (1885)
  • 'A Manual of Artistic Anatomy' (1888)
  • 'Wild Flowers in Art and Nature' (1894)
  • 'Potters: their Arts and Crafts' (1897)


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