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John Chester is a documentary filmmaker, TV director, and cinematographer.

During his high school years Chester made student films[1] in his hometown, the mainly seasonal resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, USA.[2] He moved to the Los Angeles area where he worked as a Production assistant on a well-known TV mystery series for the 1994 season.[3] By 1995, he was again working on the East Coast, employed by the Baltimore County Public Schools as a TV producer for The Education Channel in Towson, Maryland, the school system's PEG-TV station.[4][5]

In 1997, Chester directed an unreleased 16mm low-budget independent narrative feature film shot on Assateague Island near his boyhood home.[2] Since then, he has produced, directed, and shot productions for Animal Planet,[6] ESPN,[7] the A&E Network and various nonprofit clients.[8] Similar to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, Chester has cast himself as a prominent character in several of his own projects, most notably "Touched by a Slacker",[9] of the documentary-style reality TV series Random 1, and its feature-length film sequel Lost in Woonsocket. His cinematography and directorial style often features Dutch angles, a highly saturated color palette, and/or low-key lighting.[8][10]


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