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John Corcoran is the name of:

  • John Corcoran (martial arts), is an American non-fiction book author, newsstand magazine editor, screenwriter and martial arts historian
  • John Corcoran (author), spokesman for literacy programs, and he has set up his own foundation to help people learn to read
  • John Corcoran (attorney), former Clinton White House aide, former speechwriter in the California Governor's office, attorney, and blogger
  • John Corcoran (logician) (born 1937), American philosopher and logician, University of Buffalo (SUNY)
  • John Corcoran (Medal of Honor) (1842–1919), American soldier who received the Medal of Honor for valor during the American Civil War
  • John H. Corcoran (1897–1945), Massachusetts politician who served as the Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • John Corcoran (baseball) (1873–1901), American infielder in Major League Baseball
  • Jack Corcoran (1858–1935), [John H. Corcoran], American catcher in Major League Baseball