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John Crosse (born c. 1939) is a British former radio DJ, presenter and continuity announcer, famed for being one of the voices of the Yorkshire Television region of Independent Television for nearly 30 years.


Crosse began his broadcasting career on pirate station Radio London in the 1960s, (where, he used the pseudonym John Sedd). He then moved to work for sales company Radiovision, which sold airtime for a couple of pirate radio stations. Later, he read the news on BBC Radio 4,[1] and then joined Southern Television for a short stint as continuity announcer.

In the early 1970s, he joined Yorkshire Television where he was noted for his authoritative Received Pronunciation accent, shared by a number of his colleagues at YTV, such as Redvers Kyle; the company's presentation was much more similar to BBC Television (out-of-vision announcers with RP accents) than that of other ITV companies at the same time, some of which used friendlier in-vision announcers.

He worked on Yorkshire TV until he retired in November 1998, he now spends most of his time in America where he has family.[2]


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