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John Cutruzzola is a Canadian real estate developer and artist.

He was born in southern Italy, and by the age of 21, had been elected mayor of his hometown of Gagliato. Six months after being elected, he travelled to Canada, where he set up a small business and learned the English language, establishing a successful career as a developer sometime afterwards.

Beginning in the late 1960s, Cutruzzola successfully endeavored to convince the people of the Yorkville area of Toronto to change their area into a cultural center. In Brampton, he helped with the restoration of the old jailhouse and registry office on Wellington Street, transforming them into the Peel Heritage Complex.

In 1972, he and his family moved to Huttonville. Four years later he formed Inzola Construction.

In 1984, he enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Sheridan College, where he developed his talent in oil painting, watercolors, and pencil sketching.

By 1986, concerned that the city would lose the opportunity to establish its own core and identity, he and a group of friends put forth a vision of the new City Hall, with a design by architect Robert Posliff. The region had the Hydro Building set for demolition in the early 1990s, but he helped to save the building; he hopes for it to be used as an artistic facility.

In 1993, the Brampton Board of Trade recognized his commitment to the community, and his excellence in business, making him the Business Person of the Year.

Cutruzzola continues to work and support various cultural interests that benefit his community. He believes art and culture is the most important part of a healthy and prosperous community. He has supported many Brampton arts organizations, in the visual, musical and performing arts sectors. In 1991 he was honored with the Canadian government's Lescarbot Award for contributions to the betterment of art and culture in his city; he is also the recipient of a Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

In 2004, the Brampton Arts Council recognized his contributions to the arts, naming him Arts Person of the Year.

He holds an annual exhibition of his works at the City Hall atrium each year, all proceeds going to the Peel Memorial Hospital; the addition and renovation to this facility was carried out by the Inzola Group. The City Hall and Cenotaph are among his other Brampton projects.

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