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John Desmond Sheridan (1903–1980) was an Irish novelist, short story writer, and humourist. He was a frequent contributor to the Irish Independent newspaper. In addition to his novels and essays, he also published several books of poetry, and authored a biography of poet James Clarence Mangan in 1937.

Sheridan released several short stories. Most of his stories are of a humorous nature and are often about his phobias or pet hates. Sheridan also wrote short pieces of poetry which were used by elocution teachers. One such poem was "Old Mr Nogginson:"

Old Mr Nogginson from Stirabout Lane
doesn't like sunshine and doesn't like rain
ice cream and lollipops he just can't stand
and he sticks out his tongue at the Stirabout band
He hates little girls no matter how nice
He won't have little boys at any price
But one thing he does like and that's quite plain
he likes old Mr Nogginson from Stirabout Lane.[citation needed]

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