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The John Deere Pavilion in Moline

The John Deere Pavilion is a landmark located in Moline, Illinois.[1] The pavilion opened in 1997 as part of an urban renewal project. The pavilion serves as the official visitor center for John Deere, who's world headquarters are located a few blocks away.[2][3] As well as being the visitor center to John Deere, the pavilion houses the largest retail store for John Deere merchandise.[2]

Opened in 1997, the pavilion has drawn over 200,000 visitors annually.[4][5] It is one of the top attractions in the region[6] and contributed directly to the development of other corporate visitor centers such as Coca-Cola and Caterpillar Inc..[7] The pavilion is free to enter and full of activities for all ages.[8] There are simulators, informational videos, building blocks, and plenty of equipment to climb in and explore.[8]

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