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John Dinges was special correspondent for Time, Washington Post and ABC Radio in Chile. With a group of Chilean journalists, he cofounded the Chilean magazine APSI.[1] Since 1996 he has been associate professor and director of radio at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Dinges’s latest book is The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents, The New Press 2003, about Operation Condor. His other books include: Assassination on Embassy Row (Pantheon 1980), with Saul Landau, on Orlando Letelier's murder; Our Man in Panama (Random House 1990); Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Radio Reporting and Production (editor), and Independence and Integrity (editor).

Dinges's Assassination on Embassy Row (Pantheon 1980, with Saul Landau) won the Edgar Allan Poe Award 1981 for "Best Fact Crime".[2]


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