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John Edmond
Born (1936-11-18) 18 November 1936 (age 80)
Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia)
Origin Bulawayo, Rhodesia
Genres Folk music, rock
Instruments Guitarist, drummer
Years active 1956–present
Labels Roan Antelope Music

John Edmond (born 18 November 1936) is a folk singer who became popular in the 1970s for his Rhodesian patriotic songs. He reached the height of his fame during the Rhodesian Bush War. He was sometimes called the "Bush Cat". During his childhood, he and his parents moved between Scotland and Central Africa. He went to school in Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia, Edinburgh, Scotland, and in South Africa at Christian Brothers College in Pretoria. He displayed a natural talent for music at an early age when he was given a mouth organ as a birthday gift from his grandmother at age three. John mastered the instrument within half an hour. As a Boy Scout, he played the bugle and was in the local Scout bugle band. While at school in Edinburgh, he was chosen to sing in the famous St John's boys choir. He was regularly featured in lead roles at Christian Brothers College in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. John was lead drummer in the college's pipe band. He went on to win the South African Junior drumming championships at the Royal Scottish gathering at Wembley in 1953. After college, John was employed at the Roan Antelope copper mine.

After some time there, Edmond joined Southern Rhodesia's Royal Rhodesia Regiment at Bulawayo. He served with the 3rd Battalion in the Congo, Nyasaland (now Malawi) and Southern Rhodesia. During this time, he bought a guitar at a trading store and met Bill Coleman while in the army. After learning to play the guitar with Coleman, Edmond formed the Bushcats Skiffle Group in 1958 along with two friends from the army, Eugene van der Watt and Ian Kerr. The group was a success among its peers and progressed into cabaret and rock 'n' roll.[1] After his military service was up, John went to England to study computers and moved to South Africa during the mid-1960s. John became famous in Rhodesia during the Bush War with his album Troopiesongs.[2] He was also a composer, writing such hits as "The UDI Song". After the war, and Zimbabwean Independence, he continued to record albums such as Zimsongs and Zimtrax.

Since 1987, John and his wife Theresa have owned and maintained a resort in South Africa named "Kunkuru". The resort is located in the Bela Bela area.[3] John also has his own record label, Roan Antelope Music (RAM).


Album Year Label Notes
Troopiesongs – Phase 1 1970 Map
Boom Sha-la-la-lo 1971 Storm
Troopiesongs – Phase 2 1975 Map
Johno 197? Storm
Goodbye Is The Saddest Song 1975 Satbel
The Greatest Hits of John Edmond 1975 Sounds Superb/EMI Note on back of cover by John Edmond written in English and Afrikaans dated May 1975
Wild And Beautiful And Free 1976 Satbel
The Best of John Edmond 1976 Satbel
Troopiesongs – Phase 3 1977 Jo'burg
Rhodesia The Brave 1979 Trutone
Hit Songs of John Edmond 197? MFP This may also be known as the "Greatest Hits of John Edmond" (1975) as the inside record label on the Greatest Hits states that it is the "Hit Songs of John Edmond". The songs on the Hit Songs label match the jacket of the Greatest Hits (Sounds Superb/EMI).
Troopiesongs – Phase 4 1980 Gallo
Immortal Hits 1980 Gallo
Country Tracks 1981 Gallo
From The Heart 1982 Gallo
Troopies in Exile 1982 Gallo
Love in the Country 1984 Gallo
All Night Razzle 1984 Principal BUSHCATS re-formed for this recording
The British South Africa Police Centenary Album 1989 RAM
The Rhodesia Centenary Album 1890 – 1990 1990 RAM
Rhodesians of the World 1992 RAM
All Time Rhodesian Evergreens 1999 RAM
Troopiesongs Complete 1999 RAM
Heritage – Where We Come From 2007 RAM
Party – All Night Razzle 2007 RAM
Aviation Songs RAM
Born in Africa RAM
By Request RAM
Campfire 'n Jamboree RAM
Friends, Rhodies, Countrymen RAM
Wild and Beautiful and Free RAM
Zimsongs RAM
Zimtrax RAM
Tales of the Game Rangers, Vol. 1 to Vol. 4 RAM
Stories en Liedjies van die Wildtuin, Vol. 1 & 2 RAM
Singles Year Label Notes
Farewell Britannia 1969 Storm
Die Eerste Kersfeesnag 1969 Storm
Fairytales 1969 Storm This was his first hit record
Round and Round 1970 Storm Hit single
Boom Sha-la-la-lo 1971 Storm Hit single written for John by Bruce Woodley of The Seekers while they were in South Africa
Pasadena 1972 Map Hit single
Every Day, Every Night 1972 Map Hit single
Toy Train 1973 Map Hit single
Hello Susan 1974 Map
Jock of the Bushveld 1975 Map
Goodbye Is The Saddest Song 1975 Map Hit single
Nomad of the Kalahari 1976 Map
One Day He'll Call Me Daddy 1976 Map
It's Good To See You 1977 Jo'burg
Blue Brown Eyed Lady 1977 Jo'burg
Louie 1978 RSA
Bye Bye Butterfly 1979 EMI
Forever Young 1980 Gallo
The Electric Thing 1981 Gallo


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