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John Axson Ellis (born 1974) is an American jazz saxophonist. His group, Doublewide, which included New Orleanians, is one of the out-of-towner New Orleans revival jazz groups.[1]


  • 1996: Language of Love
  • 2002: Roots, Branches, & Leaves
  • 2005: One Foot in the Swamp
  • 2006: By a Thread
  • 2008: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (John Ellis & Double Wide)
  • 2010: Puppet Mischief (John Ellis & Double Wide)
  • 2012: It's You I Like
  • 2014: MOBRO
  • 2015: Charm (John Ellis & Double Wide)


  1. ^ John Swenson New Atlantis: Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans 2011 0199779589 "... the addition of out-of-towners like Dr. Lonnie Smith, Eric Krasnow, Karl Denson, Will Bernard, and John Ellis brought in ... Saxophonist Ellis in particular epitomized this movement with his group, Doublewide, which included New Orleanians "