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John Elof Boodin (November 14, 1869 – November 14, 1950) was a Swedish-born American philosopher and educator. He was the author of numerous books proposing a systematic interpretation of nature.


John Elof Boodin was born in the Pjätteryd Parish in Älmhult Municipality of Kronoberg Countyin the province of Småland, Sweden. He was educated at the University of Colorado and University of Minnesota. He was influenced by the psychologist J. R. Angell, William James, and Josiah Royce. He studied philosophy at Brown University, under James Seth, before doctoral work at Harvard University, which he completed in 1899.[1]


Boodin held positions at Grinnell College (1900–1904), the University of Kansas (1904–1913), Carleton College, Minnesota (1913–1927), University of Southern California, and University of California at Los Angeles (1927–1928). He also served as president of the American Philosophical Association, Western Division (1932–33).

Awards and honors[edit]

Among many honors bestowed upon him were his election to membership (1937) in the permanent council of the World Congress of Philosophy; membership in the Author's Club (London); appointment as Sir John Adams Lecturer in 1935 and as Faculty Research Lecturer in 1937 at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Selected works[edit]

  • Time and Reality (1904)
  • Truth and Reality: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge (1911)
  • A Realistic Universe - An Introduction to Metaphysics (1916)
  • Cosmic Evolution: Outlines of Cosmic Idealism (1925)
  • God and Creation (1934) two volumes: Three Interpretations of the Universe, and God
  • The Social Mind; Foundations of Social Philosophy (1939)
  • Religion Of Tomorrow (1943)
  • Studies in Philosophy; the Posthumous Papers of John Elof Boodin (1957)

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