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John Emil Augustine
John Emil Augustine
John Emil Augustine 2017 Promotional Photo
Background information
Birth name Unknown
Born (1975-03-12) March 12, 1975 (age 42)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Genres Rock, folk, art rock, world music, literary realism, narrative nonfiction
Occupation(s) Teacher, novelist, short story writer, singer-songwriter, musician, vocalist, producer, composer, arranger
Instruments Vocals, guitar, mandolin, piano, organ, keyboards, synthesizers, didgeridoo
Years active 1987–present
Labels Master Koda
Notable instruments
Hammond organ
Fender Rhodes
Gibson L-4
Fender Telecaster

John Emil Augustine (born March 12, 1975) is an American novelist, short story writer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, mental health advocate, and teacher. Augustine’s literary works are best known for their emphasis on the author’s own spousal abuse at the hands of a mentally unstable wife and the effects of that abuse on subsequent relationships. Less than a year after its release, his first novel, From the Abyss (2013), was recognized as one of the “50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading” by Indie Author Land, 2013/14.[1] His musical career spans four decades (1987–present);[2] however, little information has been released by Augustine himself regarding his career in music. His participation in the Minneapolis music scene is alluded to in his memoir-oriented novels[3] as well as in subsequent interviews.

Early life and education[edit]

Much of Augustine’s early life and educational details have been kept under wraps to quell the threat of continued abuse.[4] Augustine grew up in Minneapolis, MN. His undergraduate degrees include English, music, and general education from a Minneapolis/St. Paul College.[5] Augustine earned a MA in Adult Education at the University of Minnesota[6] as well as a MFA in Communications.[6][7]


Musical career[edit]

Much of Augustine’s musical career has been kept under wraps,[4] but two full-length albums were nonetheless released in 2014,[8] the second of which, Postcards from the Abyss (2014), features material dating back as far as 1992. A June 2014 interview indicates the existence of material dating back to 1987, five years prior to the time span of the release.[2]

John Emil Augustine performing in 2016

Augustine's first release, Chants for Renewal, Presence, and Awareness (2014), earned him a number one spot on ReverbNation's World music charts in February 2014.[9] Notably, Augustine holds sole writing, performance, and production credits[10] on an album with instrumentation as varied as didgeridoo, hammered dulcimer, and steel drum.[11]

In October 2016, as a lead-up to the 20th Anniversary release of Need the Love, Augustine mass-released two EPs, fifteen full albums, eight double albums, and one triple album (26 in all) spanning 25 years (1991-2016) on YouTube. Notably, the rarely heard Divorce Tapes, which coincide with Augustine’s first From the Abyss novel, were included in the mass release.[12]

Augustine "toured in his twenties and early thirties with local and national acts; writing, arranging, and performing with notable jazz, blues, gospel, reggae, post funk, prog rock, and folk groups." One such act alluded to has been with a member of the Jamaican reggae and ska band The Wailers.[7]

In 2014, Augustine indicated plans to return to public performance after a ten-year hiatus.[2] In 2015, an official announcement via Augustine's website divulged the name of his group, The JEA Combo, as well as the names of his hand-selected veteran bandmates: Richard Novy (The Cornbread Harris Band), Jake Pool (Puafua), and Joe Frank.[13] The combo's first appearance was as a headliner for Ars Bellum Foundation's "Boots On the Ground" fundraiser for veterans with PTSD. [14] Shortly after, Jake Pool left the group and David Towner joined.[15]

Literary career[edit]

June 22, 2012 marked the beginning of Augustine's literary career when his self-published, self-edited memoir,[16] a 72,000 word novel entitled Love Seen from Hell, first became available in the burgeoning indie literature market as a Smashwords ebook.[17] The book itself was fashioned from Augustine's personal Facebook messages to a friend in an abusive relationship.[18] The two follow-ups, Love Seen from Heartache[19] and Love Seen from Healing,[20] also appeared as self-published Smashwords ebooks within the span of a year.

Augustine Signed on with small press publisher Master Koda Select Publishing in 2013, and the second edition of Love Seen from Hell entitled From the Abyss was released in December 2013.[21] From the Abyss earned a number one spot on Amazon's Hot New Releases list in January 2014, as well as a number 32 spot on Amazon's Best Seller's list following the release of its follow-up.[9] In March 2014, From the Abyss II (the second edition of Love Seen from Heartache) also earned a number one spot on Amazon's Hot New Releases as well as number 16 spot on its Best Seller's list.[9] From the Abyss also earned a number 28 spot in June 2014 on Indie Author Land's “50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading," 2013/14.[1] From the Abyss III (the second edition of Love Seen From Healing) was released to a number 19 spot on Amazon's Best Seller's List in March 2015.[9]

Mental Health Advocacy[edit]

Augustine is using his From the Abyss series to raise community awareness about the widespread existence of domestic abuse.[22] To this end, he co-founded and volunteered for the online help group Coping With Emotional Abuse [23] and continues to volunteer as an ambassador for Mental Health Minnesota.


  • (1991) Trinopolis
  • (1992) Gloved Rabbit
  • (1993) Floor Pan
  • (1993) Strings and Teeth
  • (1994) A Model Airplane
  • (1994) Television
  • (1995) Gettin' the Gang Back Together
  • (1996) Wap Wap Wah-Ooh
  • (1996) 10 Rough Dorm Room Recordings
  • (1997) Goodbye Teeth
  • (1998) Camden
  • (2001) Divorce
  • (2003) Piscean Experiments
  • (2004) 'Cilla
  • (2005) 1701 Grand Christmas
  • (2006) Summer In the City
  • (2007) Thanksgiving
  • (2008) Carver
  • (2009) Dragon Intern Soundtrack
  • (2010) Valentine's Day
  • (2011) Navarre
  • (2011) Occupy
  • (2012) Lughnasadh - Mabon - Samhain
  • (2013) Promotional Odds 'N Ends
  • (2014) Chants for Renewal, Presence and Awareness
  • (2014) Postcards from the Abyss (Compilation)
  • (2014) Blueprint
  • (2016) Need the Love
  • (2016) Live Boots


Love Seen novels

  • (2012) Love Seen from Hell
  • (2012) Love Seen from Heartache
  • (2013) Love Seen from Healing

From the Abyss novels

  • (2013) From the Abyss
  • (2014) From the Abyss II
  • (2015) From the Abyss III

Short stories and articles

  • (2013) A Funny Thing Happened to Me, Imagine This Magazine
  • (2013) On My Experience in Teaching and Writing, MJ Magazine, November 2013 Edition
  • (2013) A Moment of Magic, Holiday Keepsakes: A Collection of Stories, Poems and Memories
  • (2014) John Emil Augustine on Bullying, MJ Magazine, March 2014 Edition
  • (2014) What Kind of Mirror Are You?, iuemag, March 2014 Edition


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