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John Englehart
Yosemite Valley by Joseph John Englehart signed C.N. Doughty 83x56inch low.jpg
"Yosemite Valley" — by John Englehart, signed as C.N. Doughty, 1908.
Born Joseph John Englehart (?)
(1867-06-14)June 14, 1867
Died April 14, 1915(1915-04-14) (aged 47)
Movement Realism

John Englehart or Joseph John Englehart (1867–1915), was an American landscape painter who worked under a number of pseudonyms. Englehart was born on June 14, 1867 in Chicago, Illinois, and died on April 14, 1915 in Oakland, California.


John Englehart's numerous variant spellings and pseudonyms include:

  • Joseph John Englehart, Joseph John Engelhart, J. Englehart, J. Engelhart, J. Englehardt, J. Engelhardt, and Emblhart.
  • C.N. Doughty, C.C. Foucks, C. Williams, C.L. Willis, W.L. Willis, J. Cole, J. Delane, J. Enright, J. Gran, J. Grant, J. Hart, J. Lang, J.L. Monahan, Wm. J. Schon, and Ed Shroder.


Englehart documented America's Western landscape and frontier during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was known for his landscape oil paintings of California and the Pacific Northwest.

The style of landscape paintings by Englehart never brought the critical acclaim given to his contemporary landscape painters, such as those of the Hudson River School, including Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. However he was successful as an artist, and his works are included in the collections of several museums.


John Englehart's career started during the popular 'California landscape paintings' period of the latter 19th-century. From the late 1880s until the turn of the century he maintained a studio in San Francisco on Clay Street. During those prosperous years he commuted to work from a residence across the San Francisco Bay in Oakland. He painted scenes of California, including various views of Yosemite Valley.

"The wealth generated (in California) by the Gold Rush, the railroads, the Comstock Lode, banking, and commerce, created a very favorable climate for artists. People like the Stanfords, the Crockers, the Hopkins, and the rest of San Francisco society were buying art. Landscape paintings of famous places in the West were eagerly bought, and the current doings of the artists, where they were now and what they were painting, was duly reported in the papers and periodicals." [1]

Pacific Northwest[edit]


In the late 1890s Englehart traveled and painted in the Pacific Northwest. He did many landscapes of the Tacoma, Washington area during this period.


In 1902, after San Francisco's art patrons' taste had moved on to European art, he opened a studio in Portland, Oregon. He spent a large part of his time there until 1904. He participated in the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1905.

In 1909, he was awarded a prize for a landscape painting in a New York exhibit.

San Francisco Bay area[edit]

By 1910 Englehart had returned to the Bay Area, where he resided in Alameda near Oakland, until his death on April 14, 1915.

Realism style[edit]

John Englehart's style was Realism, focusing on being illustrative and descriptive. He did not emphasize an evocative or romantic style, such as Thomas Hill did, to paint "Not as it is, but as it ought to be." Englehart's landscape compositions had a goal to bring the viewer closer to an actual experience of 'being there.' For most of his paintings he avoided effets de soir, choosing the midday light over the 'romantic light' of sunrise and sunset. He also incorporated multiple viewpoints in his paintings to depict the scene.

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Selected works[edit]

Picture Subject Englehart's
inc. org.
Price Auction
19120 Yosemite jEnglehart.jpg Yosemite signed as J. Englehart 64x44

19120 Yosemite jEnglehart.jpg



2004 Christies
10158 Yosemite EdShroder.jpg Yosemite signed as Ed Shroder 53x31

10158 Yosemite EdShroder.jpg



2006 Bonhams
07832 Yosemite jjEnglehart.jpg Yosemite signed as J.J. Englehart 50x30

07832 Yosemite jjEnglehart.jpg



2009 JMoran
07500 Mining jEnglehardt.jpg Mining signed as J.J. Englehardt  ?x? $7,500


2001 O'Gallerie
05581 Yosemite jjEnglehart.jpg Yosemite signed as J.J. Englehart 46x32

05581 Yosemite jjEnglehart.jpg



2005 Bonhams
03250 lake Englehardt.jpg lake signed as J. Englehardt 50x30

03250 lake Englehardt.jpg



2007 O'Gallerie
03000 Mythical jjEnglehart.jpg Mythical Valley signed as J.J. Englehart 50x30

03000 Mythical jjEnglehart.jpg



2001 O'Gallerie
02750 MtHood Englehart.jpg Mt. Hood signed as Englehart 50x30

02750 MtHood Englehart.jpg



2007 O'Gallerie
02500 MtHood Englehart.jpg Mount Hood, Oregon signed as J. Englehart 48x30

02500 MtHood Englehart.jpg



2002 O'Gallerie
02040 lake WMJSchon.jpg Lake signed as WM. J. Schon 52x30

02040 lake WMJSchon.jpg



2008 Bonhams
02000 CraterLake Englehardt.jpg Crater Lake, Oregon signed as J. Englehart 36x26

02000 CraterLake Englehardt.jpg



2000 O'Gallerie
01952 Yosemite WMHart.jpg Yosemite signed as WM Hart 36x18

01952 Yosemite WMHart.jpg



2009 Bonhams
01900 MtHood jEnglehart.jpg Mt. Hood, Oregon signed as J. Englehart 36x22

01900 MtHood jEnglehart.jpg



2002 O'Gallerie
00900 MtHood CNDoughty.jpg Mt. Hood, Oregon signed as C.N. Doughty 34x18

00900 MtHood CNDoughty.jpg



2003 O'Gallerie
Picture Subject Signature Size $Price Auction
Joseph John Englehart's Paintings Sold at Auction

Museum collections[edit]

  • Oakland Museum of California.
  • Washington State Historical Society.[2]
  • College of Notre Dame, in Belmont, California.
  • De Young Museum, on loan to the Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco.
  • Nevada Museum, Reno.
  • The historic Baldwin Saloon (large collection), The Dalles, Oregon.
Picture Subject Englehart's
inc. org.
Add here Add here Signature Size Museum
Picture Subject Signature Size Museum
Joseph John Englehart's Paintings In Museum

Unrelated artists[edit]

Englehart used many pseudonyms, however there are other similarly named artists, including:

  • Josef Engelhart — European oil painter.
  • Charles Montagu Doughty — poet.
  • Edna Palmer Engelhardt — oil painter.
  • Walter Albert Engelhardt — oil painter.
  • LeRoy Updyke (1876–1959) — copied Englehart in paintings for the tourist trade, University Of Washington painting instructor.


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