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John Ernst Weaver ( 5 May 1884 – 8 June 1966) was an American botanist, prairie ecologist, and university professor.

Weaver was born in Villisca, Iowa. He attained a PhD at the University of Minnesota, 1916. He was "Instructor of Botany" at Washington State College from 1912 to 1913. In 1915 he became "Assistant professor of Botany" at the University of Nebraska where he was a plant ecology professor from 1917 until his retirement in 1952.

Weaver published many works regarding vegetation and ecology of prairies. In 1929 he and Henry Chandler Cowles published the first American ecology textbook. He was a member of the Botanical Society of America, the Ecological Society of America, and the Nebraska Academy of Sciences.


  • Study of Amygdalus persica. Unpublished thesis (1910)
  • A Study of the vegetation of Southeastern Washington and Adjacent Idaho. Lincoln, Nebraska. (1917) [1]
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  • Development and activities of roots of crop plants; a study in crop ecology. Carnegie institution of Washington with franc C Jean and John W. Crist (1922)
  • Experimental vegetation; the relation of climaxes to climates, by Frederic Edward Clements (1874-1945) and J.E. Weaver. Washington, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1924.
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  • Relative efficiency of roots and tops of plants in protecting the soil from erosion. by Joseph Kramer (1890-?) and J.E. Weaver. [Lincoln], Neb. : Printed by authority of the state of Nebraska, (1936)
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  • Native vegetation of Nebraska. Lincoln, University OF Nebraska press (1965)
  • Prairie plants and their environment; a fifty-year study in the Midwest. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press (1968)

Writings about drought[edit]

  • Effects of Drought, Dust, and Intensity of Grazing on Cover and Yield of Short-Grass Pastures, F.W. Frederick William Albertson and J.E. Weaver. Ecological Society of America (1944?)
  • Effects of the Great Drought on the Prairies of Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, with Frederick William Albertson: Ecological Society of America (1936)

Works online[edit]

Papers of John E. Weaver (1884-1956) full-text online at University of Nebraska-Lincoln (100+ articles, etc.)