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John Everard was a British press and studio photographer.[1]


Everard had a studio in Orange Street, London and was self-taught. The book 'Second Sitting' featured photographs of a young Pamela Green. As early as 1939, Walter Bird, John Everard and Horace Roye had decided that they were giving each other too much competition. To resolve that difficulty they decided to cooperate, and they set up a company called Photo Centre Ltd. They made their headquarters in a suite of rooms above Walter Bird's studio in Savile Row, and Eves without Leaves was their first joint publication.

Everard was a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP). With Bird and Roye he supplied the magazines Men Only and Lilliput.[2]

Published volumes of John Everard's photographs (in chronological order)[edit]

A noted photographer of nudes from the late 1920s until the early 1960s, Everard published collections of black-and-white photographs.

  • Photographs for the Papers: How to Take and Place Them (1923).
  • Adam's Fifth Rib (Chapman & Hall Ltd., London. 1935).
  • Life Lines (Chapman & Hall Ltd., London. 1936).
  • Living Colour (George Routledge & Sons. London. 1937).
  • Seen in England (Chapman & Hall Ltd., London. 1937).
  • Portrait of a Model (George Routledge & Sons, London. 1939).
  • Eves Without Leaves - with Walter Bird and Roye (C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., London. 1940, 62pp)
  • Nymph and Naiad (George Routledge & Sons Ltd., London. 1940).
  • More Eves Without Leaves - with Walter Bird and Roye (The Camera Studies Club, London. 1941, 42pp)
  • Artist's Model (The Bodley Head Ltd., London. 1951, 46pp plus 172 plates).
  • Second Sitting: Another Artist's Model (The Bodley Head Ltd., London. 1954).
  • My Hundred Best Studies (The Bodley Head Ltd,. London. 1954).
  • Oriental Model (Robert Hale Ltd., London. 1955, 14pp plus 48 single-sided plates).
  • Sculptor's Model: A Third Sitting ( The Bodley Head Ltd., London. 1956).
  • In Camera ( Robert Hale Ltd., London. 1957).
  • Model in Movement (The Bodley Head Ltd., London. 1959).
  • Model in Shadow (Robert Hale Ltd., London. 1963).


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