John F. Hartwig

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John F. Hartwig
Prof. John F. Hartwig at his 2014 Nagoya Award Lecture.jpg
Hartwig delivering his 2014 award lecture for the 2014 Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry
John F. Hartwig

1964 (Elmhurst, IL)
Alma materPh.D (1990) University of California, Berkeley
A.B. (1986) Princeton University
Known forOrganometallic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Catalysis
AwardsWillard Gibbs Award (2015)
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisorsRobert G. Bergman and Richard A. Anderson

John F. Hartwig is the Henry Rapoport Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. His laboratory focuses on developing new methods for the preparation of a broad range of organic compounds. His explorations have illustrated the potential of the transition metal-catalyzed construction of important carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom linkages in a way that has elevated such transformations to strategy level reactions.

Hartwig is known for helping develop the Buchwald–Hartwig amination, a chemical reaction used in organic chemistry for the synthesis of carbon–nitrogen bonds via the palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of amines with aryl halides. Here is an example of this reaction:

The Buchwald–Hartwig reaction

He also helped develop a technique for steric-directed C–H borylation of arenes.[1] The versatility of this method is described in the following reaction scheme:

Meta-functionalization of arenes through C–H borylation

Hartwig received his A.B. from Princeton University in 1986, and earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 1990.


Academy Memberships and Fellowships[edit]

Major Awards[edit]

2019 Wolf Prize in Chemistry[3]
2015 Willard Gibbs Award[4]
2014 Janssen Pharmaceutical Prize
2013 Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods[6]
2010 GlaxoSmithKline Scholars Award
2009 National Institutes of Health MERIT Award
2009 Edward Mack Jr. Memorial Award, Ohio State University
2009 Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award, Japan[7]
2009 Joseph Chatt Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry[8]
2008 International Catalysis Award from the International Association of Catalysis Society[9]
2008 Mukaiyama Award from the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan[10]
2008 Paul N. Rylander Award [de] of the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society
2007 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences
2007 Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award in Organic Synthesis[11]
2006 ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry[12]
2004 Thieme-IUPAC Prize in Synthetic Organic Chemistry[13]
2003 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award[14]
1998 A. C. Cope Scholar Award[15]
1997 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award[16]
1992 Dreyfus Foundation New Faculty Award


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