Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy Argentine University
Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy
Motto Trinus et unus: Vita, Spiritus et Societas
Type Private
Established 1964
Rector Dr. María Elisa Herren de David
Students 21,287 (as of 2000)
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Campus Urban
Website www.kennedy.edu.ar

The Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy Argentine University) was founded by Miguel Herrera Figueroa, JD, on April 4, 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The university has 18 units in the City of Buenos Aires and two in Buenos Aires Province. In 2008, it had 39 academic departments and a students department, where activities related to sports are developed with the Kennedy Choir and the Theater Workshop.


  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Biochemistry
  • Accounting
  • Pharmacy
  • Licenciatura in Business Administration
  • Licenciatura in Hotel Administration
  • Licenciatura in Drama
  • Licenciatura in Political Science
  • Licenciatura in Education Sciences
  • Licenciatura in Marketing
  • Licenciatura in International Trade
  • Licenciatura in Demography and Tourism
  • Licenciatura in Graphic Design
  • Licenciatura in Journalism and Communication
  • Licenciatura in Psychology
  • Teacher Training in Psycho-pedagogy
  • Licenciatura in Psycho-pedagogy
  • Licenciatura in Publicity
  • Licenciatura in Chemistry
  • Licenciatura in International Relations
  • Licenciatura in Labor Relations
  • Licenciatura in Public Relations
  • Social Worker
  • Licenciatura in Social Work
  • Systems Analyst
  • Licenciatura in Systems
  • Licenciatura in Sociology
  • Odontology
  • Agent for Judicial Matters
  • Teacher Training in Computer Studies
  • Teacher Training in Education Sciences
  • University Teacher Training Program
  • On line Education

N.B. Under the Argentine education system, a Licenciatura is equivalent to a B.S. or a B.A. degree.

Graduate degrees[edit]

  • Doctorate in Law
  • Doctorate in Social Psychology
  • Major in Criminal Sciences
  • Major in Clinical Psychology
  • Major in Orthodontics
  • Master in Psychoanalysis


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