John F. Kennedy High School (Cleveland, Ohio)

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John F. Kennedy Academic Campus
17100 Harvard Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio, (Cuyahoga County) 44128
United States
Coordinates 41°26′57″N 81°33′37″W / 41.44917°N 81.56028°W / 41.44917; -81.56028Coordinates: 41°26′57″N 81°33′37″W / 41.44917°N 81.56028°W / 41.44917; -81.56028
Type Public, coeducational high school
Established 1965
School district Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Superintendent Eric Gordon
Principal Michelle Kirkwood, Lennox Thompson, Richard Reynolds[1]
Grades 9-11 12
Color(s) Red, White & Blue[2]
Athletics conference Senate League[2]
Sports Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Track, Wrestling, Baseball
Mascot Fighting Eagle
Team name Fighting Eagles[2]
Accreditation North Central Association of Colleges and Schools [3]
Mayor Frank G. Jackson
Athletic Director Albert Lewis[4]

John F. Kennedy has 3 of the 38 public high schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The school first opened in 1965[citation needed]. The current enrollment is under 900. The mascot is the Eagle and the school colors are red, white and blue. John F. Kennedy is now 3 schools in one. These schools are Pact, which is 9-11, E3agle academy, 9-11 also, and JFK main campus, 12th grade only.[5]The school as a whole has a lot of activities after school. Some activities they offer are baseball, basketball, football, track and field, and wrestling.


John F. Kennedy High School is located in the Lee-Havard neighborhood on the southeast of Cleveland. Nearby is a library and shopping center. Down the street is another high school called Whitney M. Young.

Senior Academy[edit]

2017 is John F Kennedy's last year with 12th grade then its just Pact and E3agle Academy. In the beginning of the next school year the 11th graders from pact and e3agle will move on to 12th grade.


PACT means Problem-based Academy of Critical Thinking. PACT is the high school of the future. Pact is also 1 out of 3 schools in 1 building only for grades 9-11. Pact offers Robotics, field trips, college visits, and student-created class schedules. Pact was created to make students excellent and provide students with tools to succeed. Pact Academy is a year round school. This means its 10 weeks in school and 3 weeks out. [6]


In Eagle Academy they focus on social justice and helping students get to 12th grade. Their school also has grades 9-11 and they have to wear a red shirt that say E3agle academy on it. The sports team for eagle and pact play together which means some students from pact play with students in eagle. Eagle Academy is a year round school. This means it 10 weeks in and 3 weeks out. The activities that we have are pink botique women's club,band/drumline,students government and more.[7]

Ohio High School Athletic Association State Championships[edit]

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