John F. Kennedy Memorial, London

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The memorial in 2010

A memorial bust of John F. Kennedy stands on the Marylebone Road in London, England,[1] to the west of Great Portland Street underground station. A work of the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, it was unveiled on 15 May 1965 by the subject's brother, Robert F. Kennedy. The bronze bust is set on a pedestal of polished black granite.[2]

An adjacent plaque reads:[3]

This bust of President Kennedy by the American sculptor Jacques Lipchitz was unveiled on the 15th May 1965 by his brother Senator Robert Kennedy. This memorial was subscribed for by over 50,000 readers of the Sunday Telegraph in amounts limited to £1.

The bust is a unique cast,[2] but another bust of Kennedy by Lipchitz was installed on 11 November 1965 in Military Park, Newark, New Jersey, United States.[4] The bust was removed temporarily in August 2017 for repair after being vandalised.[5] It has still not been returned (as of January 2019).


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