John F. Smulski

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John Francis Smulski (February 4, 1867 – March 18, 1928) was an American politician and businessman.

Born in German Poland, Smulski emigrated with his family to the United States in 1849 and settled in Washington County, Illinois. In 1875, Smulski moved with family to Chicago, Illinois. Smulski went to the Chicago Public Schools and to St. Jerome College in Berlin, Ontario, Canada. Smulka went to Northwestern University School of Law and was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1889. Smulka served on the Chicago City Council, as Chicago city attorney, and was a Republican. He also served as president of the West Chicago Park Commission. Smulka was involved with the banking business. Smulka served as Illinois state treasurer from 1907 to 1909. Smulka shot himself at his suite at the Seneca Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. Smulski had been ill with some intestinal problems.[1][2]


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