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John Fardell (born 1967)[1] is a British cartoonist, and author and illustrator of children's books.


Fardell has been a regular contributor to the adult comic Viz, and has created and drawn two of the most popular and long-running strips, The Modern Parents[2] and The Critics, and also Ferdinand the Foodie and Desert Island Teacher. His work for Viz often satirises various types of self-important or self-righteous middle-class people. His strip The Modern Parents, for example, portrays the way a mother and father insist on bringing up their young sons by following a doctrine they term "ethical awareness", much to the children's detriment.[2]

Fardell is also an author and illustrator of children's books. To date he has produced three children's adventure novels: The Seven Professors of the Far North, published in 2004,[3] The Flight of the Silver Turtle, published in 2006, and The Secret of the Black Moon Moth, published in 2009 – and three children's picture books: Manfred the Baddie, published 2008.,[2] Jeremiah Jellyfish Flies High, published 2010, and The Day Louis Got Eaten, published 2011.

Fardell lives in Edinburgh with his estranged wife Jenny and two children, Josh and Connor. He visits schools, talking about his books and teaching children how to make comics and books.[1]


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