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John Fitch (also known as John ffitch) is a computer scientist, mathematician and composer. Born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England in 1945, he was educated at Cambridge. According to his (un-)official biography, "despite his long hair and beard, and the uncertain spelling of his name, was never a hippie".[1]

Currently, he holds the Chair of Software Engineering at Bath, which his biography claims is "a subject about which he knows little". He recently lectured for the module CM20029: The Essence of Compilers.

Fitch has worked with relativity, planetary astronomy, computer algebra and Lisp. He won the Adams Prize for Mathematics in 1975 for a joint essay with David Barton entitled Applications of algebraic manipulative systems to physics.

Fitch is also the project leader for Csound at sourceforge. He has had a leading role in the development of the software since the early 1990s.


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