John Gervais

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John Gervais
Bishop of Winchester
Church Catholic
Appointed 22 June 1262
Installed December 1262
Term ended January 1268
Predecessor William de Taunton
Successor Nicholas of Ely
Consecration probably 20 September 1262
Personal details
Died either 19 or 20 January 1268
Previous post Chancellor of York

John Gervais was a medieval Bishop of Winchester.


Gervais was a clerk of the diocese of Exeter and educated in physical sciences. He held the prebends of Fenton and Warthill in the diocese of York before becoming chancellor of the diocese of York. He made a trip to Rome on business about the election of Archbishop Sewal de Bovil to York and became a papal chaplain under Pope Alexander IV. In 1260 he was named Bishop of Carlisle by Archbishop Godfrey Ludham of York, but the election was not effective.[1]

Gervais was nominated to the see of Winchester on 22 June 1262 by papal provision and probably consecrated on 10 September 1262. He was enthroned in Winchester Cathedral about Christmas, 1262.[2]

Gervais died on 19 or 20 January 1268[3] or on 19 January.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
William de Taunton
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
Nicholas of Ely