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John Giblin (2007)

John Giblin, is a session musician from Scotland, contributing mainly as an acoustic and electric bass player, spanning genres such as jazz, classical, rock, folk and avant-garde music. Best known as a studio musician, recording film scores and contemporary music, Giblin has also performed live, and recorded with Peter Gabriel, John Martyn, Elkie Brooks, Annie Lennox, Phil Collins, rock band Simple Minds, and has been closely associated with artists ranging from Kate Bush, David Sylvian, Jon Anderson (Yes), to jazz fusion group Brand X, and more recently the avant-garde recordings by Scott Walker (including the album Tilt).

Giblin later moved further in the direction of acoustic bass, and current projects include among the musicians, drummer Peter Erskine (of Weather Report), and pianist Alan Pasqua (of Tony Williams Lifetime).

Musical work and collaborations[edit]