John Giheno

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John Giheno
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
In office
March 27, 1997 – June 2, 1997
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor General Wiwa Korowi
Preceded by Julius Chan
Succeeded by Julius Chan
Personal details
Born 1949
Died 20 March 2017
Political party People's Progress Party

John Giheno (born 1949 - 20 March 2017 ) was a Papua New Guinea politician and former government minister.[1] Giheno served as acting Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea from March 27, 1997, until June 2, 1997, following the resignation of then Prime Minister Julius Chan.[2]

Prime Minister Julius Chan resigned on March 27, 1997, following a scandal regarding the hiring of foreign mercenaries to fight rebels on the island of Bougainville.[2] The use of mercenaries by the Chan government resulted in an Papua New Guinea Defence Force mutiny codenamed 'Operasen Rausim Kwik' and riots in Bougainville.[2] Chan stated that he resigned to preserve peace in Papua New Guinea.[2]

The Cabinet chose John Giheno, who was serving as the mining and petroleum Minister at the time, as acting Prime Minister until new elections could be held.[2][3] Giheno served as Prime Minister as a caretaker until new elections could be held in June 1997.[3] Sixteen government ministers in the Chan government, including both Giheno and Chan, lost their seats in Parliament in the June 1997 general elections.


Political offices
Preceded by
Julius Chan
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
Succeeded by
Julius Chan