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John Gill (1732-1785) was a printer in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 18th century.[1] With Benjamin Edes he issued the Boston Gazette newspaper.[2] He later published the Continental Journal, 1776-1785.

Continental Journal no.1, May 30, 1776; "printed by John Gill in Queen-Street," Boston


Gill was born in 1732 in Charlestown, Massachusetts; siblings included Moses Gill. He trained as a printer with Samuel Kneeland. He also married one of Kneeland's daughters.

Edes & Gill printed the Boston Gazette from 1755 until 1775. During the British occupation, 1775-1776, "Gill remained in Boston during the siege; he did no business." "After the evacuation of Boston, his connection with Edes ended. They divided their stock, and settled their concerns. While Edes continued the publication of the Gazette, Gill issued another paper, entitled The Continental Journal. Having published this paper several years, he sold the right of it, in 1785, with his printing materials, to James D. Griffith."[3]


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