John Crawford (engineer)

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John H. Crawford
John Crawford.jpg
John Crawford in 2011
Fields Computer science
Electrical engineering
Institutions Intel
Alma mater Brown University (B.A.)
University of North Carolina (M.S.)
Known for Intel microprocessors (8086, 386, 486, Pentium, Itanium family) [1]
Notable awards Eckert–Mauchly Award (1995)
IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition (1997)
National Academy of Engineering Member (2002)
Computer History Museum Fellow (2014)

John H. Crawford is an American computer engineer and the chief architect of the Intel 80386 and Intel 80486 microprocessors. He also co-managed the design of the Intel P5 Pentium microprocessor family.[2] Crawford was the recipient of the 1995 Eckert–Mauchly Award. He was awarded the IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition in 1997.[3] He retired from Intel in 2013.[4] In 2014, he was made a Fellow [5] of the Computer History Museum for his seminal work on industry-standard microprocessor architectures.