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John H. Lee (1847 - September 7, 1890) was an American banjoist, composer and author of the late 19th century.


Lee worked as a treasurer at Madison Square Theatre in New York City. He also performed in a minstrel show known as "Adams and Lee" for a couple of years. In 1879, He joined the "J. H. Haverly's Minstrels when they were about to go on a tour in England. While in England, he met the banjoist William A. Huntley and soon in 1885, they began performing together as a duo. Their partnership lasted until June 24, 1887, when Lee returned to the states.

His health began to deteriorate and he became a patient at St. Vincent's Asylum in New York in September 1888. However he was transferred to National City, California, in hope that the more congenial climate would help him to recover. He moved to San Diego, California where he started the "San Diego Banjo and Guitar Club." He died in 1890 in San Diego.


  • October and November 1890, S.S.Stewart's Banjo and Guitar Journal.

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