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John Mathias Haffert, ([where?] 23 August 1915 –[where?] 31 October 2001) was an American Roman Catholic author and editor. He wrote several books, mostly on Roman Catholic themes, co-founded Catholic societies, edited Catholic magazines and lectured on Catholic issues.


Haffert received his high school and college education at Mt. Carmel College, a Carmelite seminary and then began his career as an author and lecturer. Haffert was the co-founder of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, a Roman Catholic Marian Society which was approved by Pope Pius XII and has about 25 million members worldwide.[1] Haffert was assisted in the creation and Daily operations of Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima by Father Venard Poslusney[2] He was the editor of "Scapular Magazine" which helped enroll one million Americans in the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima and pray for the Soviet Union.[3]

Haffert was a strong advocate of the message of Our Lady of Fatima and he worked with Fatima visionary Sister Lucia dos Santos to develop the "Fatima Pledge" in 1946. This later became the "Blue Army Pledge", in 1948.[4] Haffert spoke often on topics concerning the Miracle of the Sun. One of Haffert's books: "That Wonderful Poem", endorses The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta, in which he explains how the Bishop of Fatima introduced him to these writings.

Haffert died at 86 in the United States.


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In 1996, John Haffert spoke about Fatima and his book “Meet the Witnesses” in which he personally interviewed nearly 200 witnesses to the Fatima Miracle, describing their detailed witness accounts.

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