John Halifax, Gentleman

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John Halifax, Gentleman
Author Dinah Craik
Country Great Britain
Language English
Publisher Hurst and Blackett
Publication date
Media type Print

John Halifax, Gentleman is a novel by Dinah Craik, first published in 1856. The novel was adapted for television by the BBC in 1974.

Plot summary[edit]

The action is centred in the town of Tewkesbury, scarcely disguised by the fictional name Norton Bury, in Gloucestershire. The story is narrated by Phineas, a friend of the central character. John Halifax is an orphan, determined to make his way in the world through honest hard work. He is taken in by a tanner, Abel Fletcher, who is a Quaker, and thus meets Phineas, who is Abel's son. John eventually achieves success in business and love, and becomes a wealthy man.


The novel has been adapted several times. A 1915 silent film John Halifax, Gentleman was directed by George Pearson. In 1938 a film version John Halifax was made. In 1974 a BBC series John Halifax, Gentleman was made.

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