John Hamblin

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John Hamblin
Born 1935[1] (age 81/82)
Suffolk, England
Nationality Australian
Occupation Television presenter, actor
Years active 1959–present
Known for Play School

John Hamblin *(born 1935) is an English Australian children's television presenter and actor, best known for his lengthy stint presenting Play School from 1970 to 1999.[1] He published a memoir in 2008.

Soap opera[edit]

Hamblin grew up in Suffolk, England, and did his national service in Cyprus before returning to England to become an actor, with an appearance in cult series The Prisoner - the episode 'A Change of Mind'. He came to Australia as a Ten Pound Pom in the 1960s and secured roles in television, including regular roles in soap operas Class of '74, The Restless Years, and The Young Doctors (as Dr Dan Wheatley), along with guest roles in Number 96 and Sons and Daughters. He was lead in short lived legal drama Case for the Defence (1978) in which he played the title role. He was a presenter of Play School and became the second most prolific presenter, appearing in 357 episodes[1] while fellow presenter Benita Collings appeared in 401 episodes[2]). Hamblin played the role of Michael Chamberlain in The Disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain.


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