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John Hanlon working on Neil Young & Crazy Horse album Americana (Photo by Ben Johnson, Courtesy of Shakey Pictures, 2012).[1]

John Hanlon is an American record producer and recording engineer. [2]


He is best known for producing, engineering, and mixing albums for Neil Young, Stephen Stills, T-Bone Burnett, R.E.M, Gillian Welch, Dennis Wilson, and The Beach Boys.[3]

Work with Neil Young[edit]

His relationship with Neil Young started in 1983, when he and David Briggs, Young's longtime producer, were working on Trans remixes. Hanlon joined Briggs again in 1990, engineering and mixing Neil Young and Crazy Horse's album Ragged Glory. He has been working with Young ever since.

Recording Style[edit]

In an October 2012 interview with Mix magazine, John Hanlon described his recording style:

"To me, some of the greatest records are the ones done with the fewest amount of microphones. The sound I like is orchestral. A classical engineer reading this might cringe, but I approach Neil Young and Crazy Horse orchestrally."[4]

Selected Discography[edit]


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