John Hasler

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John Hasler
Born London, England
Occupation Actor, voice-over artist
Years active 1984–present

John Hasler is an English actor and voice-over artist who appeared as T-Shirt in the children's TV series T-Bag from 1985–92. Hasler was the only character to remain with the show for its entire television run, starting as a young boy and leaving as a teenager.

He has appeared in Renford Rejects and Casualty and provided voices and automated dialogue replacement (ADR) for a number of TV, radio and film productions.

In 2012 he joined the voice cast of Fireman Sam as James Jones, taking over the role from Steven Kynman and Arnold McKinley.

From 2015 onwards, he is the replacement voice actor of Thomas the Tank Engine in the UK and Rheneas in the UK and US narrations of Thomas & Friends, after Ben Small left the show. He also voices the lead character on Teenage Fairytale Dropouts (as Trafalgar).


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