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John Henry Silva, speaking at Harvard University
John Henry Silva, speaking at the Consulate of Switzerland
John Henry Silva with President Bush, The White House
John Henry Silva with President Clinton, The White House

John Henry Silva (born 1980, in Chicago, Illinois) is an Author, Entrepreneur and Veteran.

Family and Education[edit]

Silva was born November 17, 1980 and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. His maternal and paternal family are political refugees from Gdańsk, Poland and Havana, Cuba respectively. His mother, Barbara Dworzycki, toured the Soviet Union in 1964 with the Oberlin College Choir.[1] His grandfather, Manuel Silva, was a friend of Ernest Hemingway.[2] His cousin, Al Montoya, is the first Cuban American in the National Hockey League.[3][4] Silva graduated from Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, New Trier High School and Harvard University.


Silva is a serial entrepreneur,[5][6][7] and serves as a Partner at Otsuki Consulting International ( 大槻コンサルティングインターナショナル ), a firm that provides management consulting services for Japan-US business development. Previously he was co-founder of Planetary Emissions Management, a SBIR-funded firm development carbon measurement laser technology. He also was co-founder of Boston Life International School.[8]

Academia and Writing[edit]

Silva has written and been featured in the Boston Globe,[9] [10][11] Le Courrier,[12] MIT Entrepreneurship Review,[13] Boston World Partnerships,[14] Harvard Crimson[15] and Bloomberg.[13][16][17] He serves as a Visiting Researcher at Harvard University; previously he was a Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He has published academic research at iRobot and Harvard Business School,.[18][19] He also was an editor for Humanism and Business, published by Cambridge University Press.[20] He also served as a consultant for Aga Khan University[21] in Karachi and Zedaka Performing Arts Foundation in Moscow.

Government Service[edit]

Silva enlisted as a US Marine rifleman and served on Yankee White Duty at The White House during the Administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He served in over 25 domestic and international trips supporting Presidential Travel Operations. He is a recipient of the Presidential Service Badge.[15] Silva also served in Washington, DC during 9/11 and was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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