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S. John Hogan is a professor of Applied Mathematics and leader of the "Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Group" in the Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol. He is known for his work in numerous applications of non-linear dynamics including water waves liquid crystals.

Hogan is principal investigator on several large EPSRC grants, in 2008 totalling around £6M[1] - an unusually high total for a UK mathematician. These include the "Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences", the "Bristol Centre for Applied Nonlinear Mathematics", "Applied Nonlinear Mathematics: Making it Real" and [2]

Recent publications[edit]

  • 2006 Impact dynamics of large dimensional systems Homer ME and Hogan SJ
  • 2005 Real-time dynamic sub structuring in a coupled oscillator-pendulum system Kyrychko YN, Blyuss KB, Gonzalez-Buelga A, Hogan SJ and Wagg DJ
  • 2005 Two-parameter nonsmooth grazing bifurcations of limit cycles: classification and open problems Kowalczyk PS, di Bernardo M, Champneys AR, Hogan SJ, Homer ME, Kuznetsov YA, Nordmark A and Piiroinen PT
  • 2004 Global dynamics of low immersion high-speed milling Szalai R, Stepan G and Hogan SJ


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