John Hugo Loudon

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John Hugo Loudon
Born The Hague, Netherlands
Died February 4, 1996(1996-02-04) (aged 90)
Haarlem, Netherlands[1]
Cause of death Respiratory failure[1]
Nationality Dutch
Occupation CEO of Shell (1951 to 1965)
President of WWF (1976 to 1981)

John Hugo Loudon (June 27, 1905 – February 4, 1996) was the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell from 1951 to 1965 and the president of World Wide Fund for Nature.


Born in The Hague, Netherlands, the son of former Shell president Hugo Loudon, John Hugo Loudon got a law degree at Utrecht University.[1] He joined the company in 1930, working in the oilfields of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.[2]

In May 1960, he was featured on Time magazine's cover.[1][3] He resigned as the CEO and continued to serve the company as chairman of the board of supervisory directors for the next 11 years.[1]

Business positions
Preceded by
Barthold Theodoor Willem van Hasselt
Chairman of the Committee of Managing Directors
of Royal Dutch Shell

Succeeded by
Jan Brouwer
General Managing Director of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company
(title changed in 1956 to President-Director)



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