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John Hunsley was a bagpiper from Manton, North Lincolnshire and last known player of the Lincolnshire bagpipes, which he played until shortly before his death at around 1850.[1]

Hunsley's music was described as unrefined, or "unmelodious",[2] but popular amongst his peers. Hunsley was known to play for riotous parties where guests "danced until the brick dust came through the soles of their feet."[3] One commentator noted that Hunsley's bagpipe was "little more than the Oaten Pipe improved with a bag."[4] Organologist Anthony Baines notes that Hunsley used to send his pipes to be "tuned" in Edinburgh.[5] Another reference claimed that he took the pipes himself, on a white pony. The same authority recorded that he was a champion boxer and wrestler, defeated only once in his life.[6]


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