John I, Count of Ponthieu

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John I, Count of Ponthieu
Born c. 1140
Died 1191
Noble family House of Bellême
Spouse(s) Beatrice of Saint-Pol
Father Guy II of Ponthieu
Mother Ida

John I of Ponthieu (c. 1140–1191) was the son of Guy II of Ponthieu and succeeded him as Count of Ponthieu in 1147.[1]

War with Normandy[edit]

John attacked Normandy in 1166 and 1168,[2] in response to King Henry II of England's confiscation of the castles at Alençon, La Roche-Mabile and the Alenconnais.[3] Henry, angry with John's rebellion, led his army on a path of destruction across Vimeu, the south-west part of Ponthieu.[4]


John married Beatrice of Saint-Pol, they had:


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John I, Count of Ponthieu
Born: c. 1140 Died: 1191
Preceded by
Guy II
Count of Ponthieu
Succeeded by
William IV Talvas