John II, Count of Dreux

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Arms of the Counts of Dreux

John II of Dreux (1265–1309), called John the Good, Count of Dreux and Braine, was the son of Robert IV of Dreux and Beatrice, Countess of Montfort.

Robert fought with Philip IV of France in his wars in Flanders, including the sieges of Veurne, Cassel, de Bergues and Lille in 1297. He was at the Battle of the Golden Spurs (fought near Cambrai), where the French forces under Robert II of Artois suffered an unexpected defeat. In 1304, he fought at the Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle and served at the siege of Lille. He was chosen as one of the French ambassadors who negotiated an end to the war.

His first marriage to Jeanne of Montpensier (?–1308) produced four sons and a daughter. Three of the sons, Robert, John and Peter were successively Counts of Dreux. His second marriage to Perrenelle of Sully in 1308 produced one child, Joan, the last Capetian ruler of the county.


Preceded by
Robert IV
Count of Dreux
Succeeded by
Robert V