John III, Count of Ligny

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John III, Count of Ligny
Spouse(s) Wilhelmina of Boullion
Noble family House of Luxembourg
Father Anthony II, Count of Ligny
Mother Margaret of Savoy
Died 1 July 1576(1576-07-01)

John III, Count of Ligny (d. 1 July 1576) was the eldest son of Count Anthony II and his wife Margaret of Savoy. He succeeded his father as Count of Brienne and Ligny in 1557.

John married Wilhelmina (d. 1592), the daughter of Duke Robert IV of Bouillon. Together, they had the following children:

  • Anthony
  • Charles II (1562-1608), his successor, elevated to Duke of Brienne in 1587
  • Margaret (1562-1566)
  • Francis (1563-1576)
  • Diana (d. 1624), married:
    1. Louis of Plusquelec, Count of Kerman
    2. Justus of Pontailler, Baron of Pleurs
  • Louise (1567-1647), married:
    1. Baron George of Casaubon
    2. Bernard of Béon, Seigneur de Massez
John III, Count of Ligny
Died: 1 July 1576
Preceded by
Anthony II
Count of Ligny
Count of Brienne

Succeeded by
Charles II